\ Yes Media - Best wedding Management team in Jaipur India.

Bhawna Charan, Chief Concept Planner and Designer ,
YMW Bhawna is part of Wedding and Event management universe since 2012. Bhawna believes in philosophy that wedding is all about emotions and feelings. She always take care of customization needs of clients to transform their thoughts into wonderful wedding decoration on the ground. Bhawna is always reachable and available for client till 11 th hour 

Sultan Shah, Head of Production ,
YMW Sultan, is knows in and out of wedding and event production since 2012. Over the years he mastered his techniques of set making and décor production as per the requirement of clients and soul of wedding concept. He enjoys a mutual understanding and trust with Bhawna, and they both work in sync to enrich the wedding experience of clients of YMW..